Hiking the Dragon’s Back – #InsiderTalk

We sent two of staff some hiking products for testing at the famous Dragon’s Back Trail in Hong Kong. Here is what they have to say:- Authors’ confession: Our hiking experience amounts to several marches through McRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and the tame tropical rainforests of Johor. This is better than having no… More Hiking the Dragon’s Back – #InsiderTalk

Hiking With The Mont Blanc In View

If all you know about France is Paris, the Eiffel Tower and baguette, you’re really missing out. #sorrynotsorry There are many other amazing things that France is famous for, from raclette (cheese) to wines to saucisson (cured meat) to the alps. Amongst all these things, we chose the sportiest option (duh!) and took up the challenge of hiking in… More Hiking With The Mont Blanc In View

Hiking in Hawaii – The Dead Man’s Catwalk

As humans we experience moments where suddenly all of our experiences, our feelings and our lives in general, pale in comparison to the grand scheme of things. When you’re faced with such overwhelming beauty, followed by a total sense of calmness, that you’re not quite sure that you’ve been doing with your life up until… More Hiking in Hawaii – The Dead Man’s Catwalk