10 Running Tips All Beginners Need to Know

Are you a new runner? Starting a new running habit may seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us share our Top 10 Running Tips for Beginners to help you get started 🙂 Ready? Let’s go! 🏃

#1: Run The Way That You Like to Run

Longer distances doesn’t always mean that you’re a better runner. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so feel free to experiment between long distance runs and quicker, short distance runs to see which you prefer!

#2: Learn The Proper Running Form

Learning the right running form is actually essential in making you & your runs feel better. With a proper form, you will be able to maximise your strides and energy which can actually make a huge difference! Try taking a running class, or work with a coach to learn the proper form 🙂

#3: Join A Running Group For Motivation

We all had one of those days where you just don’t feel like getting up to run, or when you just feel like giving up. Joining a running group can help to increase your motivation greatly while giving you a sense of commitment. With a running group, you can also learn from one another about the different training styles which can help improve your running performance!

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#4: Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes

There is a huge range of running shoes that cater to the different terrains and running styles of every individual. Therefore, in order to have a good running experience – you should invest in a pair of shoes that best fit you & your running style! There are 2 things that you should look out for when buying a pair of shoes:

Surface Type
Running on pavements vs. running on trails will require different types of shoes. For example, if you love trail running, you should look for a shoe that will give you a proper grip so you won’t fall easily! Therefore, it’s important that you look for a shoe that caters to you 🙂

Foot Type
Your foot type determines how your feet behaves when you run – and there are running shoes that can help to correct & optimise your strides! A person with flat feet would have different needs than someone who has high arches. If you want to know more, find out how you can choose the best running shoes here! 🙂

#5: Don’t Start Out Running Too Fast

Take it easy, and don’t worry too much about the pace when you are just starting out. Your body needs to slowly get used to the strains of running. Don’t start out too fast, and lose energy & motivation later on. Always start your runs at a moderate pace where you can easily hold a conversation and slowly improve from there!

#6: Explore New Running Routes

Don’t let your runs become routine. Create your own little surprises and keep your workouts exciting by exploring new routes on your runs. Don’t be afraid to take a bus & run elsewhere in completely different surroundings! 🙂

#7: Always, Always Stay Hydrated

Drink, drink, drink! Running can seriously dehydrate your & impact your running performance. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your run to ensure this doesn’t happen.

#8: Allow Your Body To Recover

Did you know that your body actually strengthens its muscles when you allow it to recover properly? This is why having rest days are always important 🙂 A quick tip: allow your body to recover properly by having at least one day of rest in between your runs – this can help you prevent overuse injuries while maximising your training! 🙂

#9: Warm Up Before Your Runs

Get those muscles stretched and going before you start your runs! A simple 5 minute walk is actually the ideal warm up to help ease your body into workout mode. This will help to give your muscles & joints a heads up before you start on your run, and would also help with injury prevention!

#10: Cross Train To Improve Your Runs

If you’re looking to improve your running performance, you should try cross training! Changing your exercise routines up once in a while keeps things from becoming boring, and it can also help reduce the stress on your joints and spine 🙂

… and that’s it! We hope this article was useful for you 🙂 If you’re looking for more useful tips & inspiration to help you on your running journey, join our running community here! We’re a friendly group of runners who want to share with everyone everything we know 🙂 We even organise our own weekly runs with our running sports advisors to help you improve. See you there!

Written by Raudha Rafi, Jogging Sports Advisor at Decathlon Singapore
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