5 Sporty Things To Do With Your Date on Valentine’s Day

1. Kayaking into the sunset

Rent a two-seater kayak and paddle away into the sunset. Not only do you get to work on your coordination skills, but this activity also gives you ample time to have HTHT (heart to heart talk), away from the usual crowded restaurants full of other couples trying to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Prefer to have your own boat? Get one of these inflatable kayaks!

2. Go fishing

Fishing not only cultivates patience, the waiting time is perfect for getting to know your date a little better. Also, if your date is willing to sit and endure the mozzies with you, you know he/she will endure tough times with you.

3. Rock climb together

Although rock climbing is for the most part, an individual sport, both of you can benefit from learning how to be a supporter and motivator. Some times, you may not be able to offer help directly, but speaking kind words help to improve communication and your relationship.

4. Play badminton, anywhere!

You don’t really need to book a court, or worry about having court shoes. All you need is the Artengo Easy Net set – set it up anywhere at all, and you are all set for a romantic night of rallying.

5. Set up a romantic base at East Coast Park

Not really a sport, but pitching a tent at East Coast Park at night can be quite romantic with the sea breeze. Pack some food and drinks and make it a romantic picnic date under the stars! Remember to book your camping permit though 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day, sports lovers!

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