Your Christmas Gift Guide For Naughty Friends

We all have friends who have one peculiarity or another.. Here’re the top 5 kinds of nice gifts to counter their naughty patterns (local slang to mean: behaviours).

Friend Pattern #1: Too lazy to leave the house, even if there’s food incentive



We recommend to get him this spanking new scooter that will make him/her want to get out of the house. The easyfold technology also makes it easy to open and close the scooter. #nomoreexcusesbro

Friend Pattern #2: Complain about being fat. Does nothing about it.



We recommend to get him/her this suspension training strap that can be used at home. It requires no drilling and no fixing. Simply hook it on your door and you’re good to go! #nomoreexcusesbro

Friend Pattern #3: Crashes your place uninvited, all the time



We recommend to buy him his own tent and air mattress so that he can #selfservice whenever he decides to be an uninvited guest.

Friend Pattern #4: Never on time



We know too well that the snooze button is too tempting, that’s why we need back up alarm clocks! Gift this watch set to a friend who always chut this pattern (local slang to mean: displays this type of behaviour) to help him keep track of time.

Friend Pattern #5: Borrows your things but never returns



We all know how annoying it is when people don’t return you the stuff they borrowed. Now it’s your chance to gift your friend a gift card so that he can get his own ball and return the ball he borrowed 2 months ago.

The Decathlon Gift Card is coming to you soon, stay peeled for updates on the launch date 🙂

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