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Welcome to our world of hiking! Product testing is at the heart of what we do, and¬†our products are not only tested in France (where our R&D centre is). We test them in Southeast Asia too, with our very own staff ūüôā

In September, we sent a team to Mount Rinjani to conquer some mountains (ok, only just one, but it’s a crazy one), along with a bunch of our Quechua products in tow. Now that we’ve tested the products for you, we assure you that they’re 200% reliable and great to use! Confirm plus chop.


QUECHUA Forclaz 500 High Novadry Hiking Boots + QUECHUA Forclaz 500 High Hiking Socks


“I had 4 days and 3 nights worth of trekking itinerary in the wilderness of Mount Rinjani National Park. Standing at 3726m above sea level, Mount Rinjani’s terrain strikes a great balance in a progressive manner from fairly easy at ground zero to medium difficulty and then finally, very technical for the summit ascent. After pushing the products to their limits on this terrain, I’m totally convinced and impressed with the overall performance of both products. The fit and synthetic lining of the boots are very comfortable, the¬†nubuck construction is solid, it’s¬†waterproof membrane is of the¬†highest¬†tolerance and the cross contact soles provides maximum grip throughout the whole journey. What is also surprising and exceeded my expectations is that even without the use of gaiters, there are only minor¬†signs of entry from¬†loose volcanic sand and debris found inside the boots even¬†after the whole ordeal. While the¬†sock’s synthetic component is¬†breathable and stretchable, the embedded inserts¬†drastically minimise¬†the chance of blisters and the quick dry material maximises the overall comfort factor when paired¬†together with the boots.¬†Another¬†plus point is how¬†thin the¬†socks really¬†are as compared to the¬†other brands with equivalent features.”
– Shaiful, Quechua Sales Advisor

Hiking Socks

  • Pricing: Excellent Value For Money
  • Comfort Factor: Very Comfortable
  • Toughness¬†Factor: Highly Robust
  • Blister Guard: Maximum Protection
  • Breathable Factor: Excellent Breathability
  • Elasticity Factor: High¬†Elasticity
  • Sock¬†Bulk Factor: Very Minimal

Hiking Shoes

  • Pricing: Excellent Value For Money
  • Comfort Factor: Very Comfortable
  • Toughness¬†Factor: Highly Robust
  • Protection: Maximum Protection
  • Breathable Factor: Good¬†Breathability
  • Waterproofing Factor: Maximum¬†Tolerance
  • Fit Factor: Excellent Wide Fit
  • Support Factor: Excellent Support
  • Grip Factor: Maximum Traction

For the equivalent of technical features in other brands, the pricing for these two products is simply unmatchable. The boots totally exceeds its performance in every way and is suitable to be used for all types of terrains in a prolonged technical mountain hiking and trekking expedition while the socks is an excellent pairing for its fast drying feature, high breathability and blister guard inserts, thereby maximising user comfort.



Arpenaz 500 Air Short Sleeve Hiking Shirt
Price: S$39.90


Its high breathability and fast drying time makes it a great 1st layer suitable for regular use in all outdoor conditions.


Forclaz 500 Convertible Hiking Trousers
Price: S$79.90


Its high elastic synthetic component, ripstop inserts, fast drying time and convertible option makes it a perfect 1st or 2nd layer for regular to intensive trekking use in all conditions.


Forclaz 500 Fleece Hiking Jacket
Price: S$19.90 – 23.90


The polyester base component allows for excellent moisture transfer, keeping warm and is highly comfortable, making it a great 2nd layer for regular use in all mountain hiking conditions.

Forclaz 400 Hiking Waterproof Rain Jacket
Price: S$89.90 to 99.90



Forclaz 50 Long Fleece Hiking Leggings
Price: S$5.90


Its polyester base component allows for excellent moisture transfer, keeping warm and is comfortable, making it a great 2nd layer for regular use in all conditions.



Forclaz 500 Grip Hiking Poles
Price: S$42.90


Aluminium is the main component, which is solid but still lightweight. The long extended grip adds comfort and the tungsten carbide tips makes it perfect for regular to intensive use in reducing joint strains and keeping balance for all mountain hiking conditions.

EasyFit 50L Backpack, EasyFit 60L Backpack
Price: S$109.00


Great ventilated back system, ease of adjustments and access, multiple storage compartments, robust component with included dust and waterproof cover makes it a perfect bag for backpacking and adventure travelling. Dirty clothing can be easily separated within the bag itself in the event where no plastic bags are available.

Ventilated Storage Cover


Mesh ventilation, robust component, space saving and practical for roll up packing. Excellent organiser that supports ease of access, keeps your apparels neatly in place and ever ready for use.

Forclaz 5 Degree Sleeping Bag


This sleeping bag is really good. It wraps up and maintain its functionality of keeping warm. It is easy to bring as the size is adjustable due to the innovative adjustable strap. This is ideal for people who are going for a summit climb as it is light and the size could be manipulated accordingly to pack in your bag. The only issue I had was that it kept sliding to one corner as I was sleeping on a slight gradient slope. However, it did not get in a way of my sleep and I still had good rest through the night.


Optional Items

Arpenaz 100 Hiking Sandals
Price: S$29.90 – 38.90


Synthetic component, robust construction, velcro adjustments, easy put on and off buckle and cross contact soles makes it a perfect ventilated footwear with excellent traction for regular to intensive outdoor use in all conditions.

2 Second 2 Man Tent
Price: S$98.90



This tent is originally not meant for trekking but for camping as it is bulky. However it did not get in the way whilst carrying it to base camp as there is a sling that could easily be attached to a bag. It is decent for 1 person as it leaves enough space for your bags and other trekking items. The 2 second function also came in handy as it was fast and fuss-free. Others had to pitch their tents the traditional way.

img_3012 image2

Price: S$16.90


This is a traditional hammock that requires a certain way to tie between 2 trees. It is strictly for a single user below 110KG. Although it was not easy finding a smaller distance between 2 trees to set up the hammock (compared to the traditional carabiner hammocks), I would still recommend this hammock due to the price value.



Are you now¬†prepared¬†for your next hiking adventure? Did we miss out any important items? Let us know by commenting below ūüôā

See you at the top!


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