#InspiredBy – Angeline Yeo

In our new series of #InspiredBy stories, we chase after everyday sports people, talk to them about what motivates them and how their journey into sports has changed their lives.
This month, we speak to Angeline Yeo (or affectionately known as Angie) from YogaPlus studio to find out more about her yoga journey.

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Tell us a little about your fitness background

Angie: I have been practicing yoga for nearly 4 years now, and have been teaching yoga for almost 2 years. Before that I was an avid runner – both long and short distances. Running has resulted in recurring ankle injuries, so I first tried out yoga just to find something new to experience.

How and when did you discover Yoga?

Angie: I first started yoga when I stumbled upon a GroupOn deal, fell in love with hot yoga and was consistently practicing around 5 times a week. After going to Canada for exchange, I found a wonderful studio with a great community, and that was how I truly fell in love with the teachings of yoga off the mat, aside from the physical benefits that I have already gained from yoga.

Use 3 words to describe what Yoga is to you:

Angie: Discovery, transformation, mindfulness

What would you say to convince someone (anyone at all!) to try yoga for the first time?

Angie: Just try! Self discovery often lies outside of the comfort zone. It’s not about nailing the perfect pose, but about the journey of stumbling, falling, trying again anyway, and having fun.

Is there a reason why we don’t see children practising yoga? Is it encouraged and why so/why not?

Angie: I think it’s definitely a growing market! I won’t be surprised to see yoga classes being incorporated into children’s gyms anytime soon (:

 Angie will be leading a yoga session at the Deacthlon #FitFam workout session on 20th November. More details on how to participate here
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