Decathlonians Review Decathlon #4


Introduction about yourself and your relationship with the sport

Hi, I’m Shafiee! Combat sports have always been a passion sport of mine. To be precise, I have been practising Muay Thai and Kickboxing for nearly 6 years now. I have been doing this sports competitively local and overseas. Even though this sport has a high risk for injuries, I have always enjoyed it. Amazing!

How was the product tested?

The product has been tested during my trainings in the gym. It was used at least 4 times a week for a duration of 2-3 hours per session, at the minimum. It is quite aggressive for an entry level gloves.


Your Experience

Ventilation of the glove is pretty impressive although cushioning is not sufficient for intermediate and advanced users. Quality wise, the material is decent and will allow for punching on focus mitts and thigh pads. However, it is not advisable to use these gloves with heavy bags.

Positive points to add to this product that its ventilation system is awesome! breatheable as it will last long. I could say with the material made, it will be good for entry level durabality. Negative part for it, cushioning is too soft and hazard to feel alittle of pain when hitting hard on bags/ pads. Didnt come in 16 oz size for users with big fist.



This pair of gloves is very decent for entry level boxers as I noticed how durable it was with my rigorous training schedule. However, cushioning was not great and left me with a bit of pain when hitting hard on bags and pads. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a pair of gloves for the intensity of your workout and level of expertise in the sport. Another downside is that it does not come in 16oz size for users with bigger fists.

Having said that, beginners to this sport will feel very comfortable with these gloves as it comes at a great value for the price you pay. Not everyone enjoys paying through their noses for something they’re not sure they will continue practising in the long run.

Performance: 8/10

Chio* Factor: 10/10

Price: 10/10

*Chio: Singlish term to mean very pretty/beautiful.

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