5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Decathlon Kaki

1. Get rid of all the unwanted receipts in your wallet.

Wallet full of receipts.jpg

Is your wallet forever full (of receipts)? Kept a receipt till it has become a blank paper? Misplaced your receipts in the abyss of your clutter? We know how that feels, and honestly, we’d rather have our wallets full of cash instead.

Having a membership with Decathlon ensures that all your transactions are stored in one single account, which is entirely digital. Your account can be accessed online, whenever, and however you like. That simply means that there will be zero hassle when you decide to return a product 30 days, 6 months, or even a year later. Yup, we do 365 days free returns. Read on.

2. Changed your mind? Don’t worry, we all have our moments.


As a Singaporean myself, I know how the best deal always matters. It could be the best deal on the price, or quality, or even on the return policy. Here at Decathlon, we’ve done our homework and found out that other retailers in the country mostly offer you a window period of 30 days to return a product. Even our well-loved IKEA store only offers you up to 100 days to change your mind about a product.

Being a Decathlon member allows you to do returns within 365 days of your purchase, as long as the item is unused and in its original packaging. See that $9.90 towel that comes in 9 colours and can’t decide on which colour(s) to get? Take our advice: Buy first, worry later.


3. Cheap is good too, at Decathlon. If it’s not, we exchange it for free.

One Extra Year Guarantee.jpg

“Good things not cheap, cheap things not good” is a mantra that many of us live by. Whilst that can be said of most things, we say that there are always exceptions to the rule. If you’re truly curious about why and how we can sell our products at such a low price point, read here to find out more. We have absolutely nothing to hide 🙂

We’re proud to say that whilst we make our products affordable to all, quality is also very much valued by our team. Manufacturing anomalies are covered under our standard 2 year guarantee on ALL products. Just as an assurance on our commitment to quality, all members get an extra 1 year guarantee. That adds up to 3 years of a safety blanket for you, our valued members.

P.S. Wear and tear not included ok? 😉


4. Kiasu-ism rules my life. Cannot miss out on good deals.


Deep down in the depths of our hearts, everybody likes to feel special, even if it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon affair. We will be the first to admit though, that we haven’t done a good job at making our members feel special. That’s why we’re doing a revamp to our membership program, and we hope you’ll give us another chance!

As a member, you can look forward to members-only perks, such as exclusive members-only events and first dibs on everything. Once in awhile, we will also throw in special gifts and birthday surprises just for you!


5. Be Part of a Community of Sports Users


More than just reaping fiscal or emotional benefits from a regular membership program, we’re uniting sports users all over Singapore. Help us to help you, by indicating your sports interests and preferences in your account. We will then connect you exclusively with fellow Decathlon kakis, whether you stay in Jurong or Pasir Ris, there is simply no discrimination.

Think: free futsal sessions, rollerblading clinic, night rides, sports and health talks, etc.

You know what’s the best part? It’s FREE and EXCLUSIVE! From signing up, to joining a sports session/talk, it’s entirely on us 🙂 You just have to fill up your preferences and let us do the rest of the work.

P.S. We hate spam too. Be informed with updates that are aligned to your sports interests only.

Now, if there’s nothing you can remember after reading this, you only need to remember these 5 points:

  1. Fuss-free tracking without receipts

  2. 365 days return policy

  3. Extended 1 year guarantee on all products

  4. Exclusive member-only perks

  5. Be connected to a community of sports users

Be a Decathlon Kaki today and enjoy a lifetime of benefits! Don’t say #bojio.

Sign up today and receive a 10% discount code* for your first online purchase.

*Only for new members.

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