Review: Spartans Boxing Club

Our Experience

For those looking at an intense workout under 60mins, Spartan Boxing is the place to be in on a weekday evening. We stepped into a cosy boxing ring (which is weird, because a boxing ring is a place to fight!) and were greeted very warmly by the instructors (Scott, Shariffah and Dance).


First step to boxing – wrapping your hands with the hand wrap so they don’t get sore. Shariffah taught us the dos and don’ts in wrapping our hands. It sounds simple, but it’s really not. The wrapping needs to be in such a way that not only allows some air to flow through but also allow for flexibility to move your fingers.

INTENSE 5 MINS SKIPPING with 10secs speed skipping intermittently followed by 10 push ups and 10 crunches – 2 sets. This was no joke. Durga was fumbling with the ropes and our feet were aching, but Dance was pushing us harder to get our bodies warmed up.


It was our first time boxing, so we had a personalized training by Dance on the boxing techniques. We got to use our very own Decathlon Domyos boxing gloves! We learned “Jabs”, “Cross”, “Hook”, “Slapping on defence”, sparring with each other, and ended off with sparring with our instructor. It was quite thrilling to be able to execute the drills as instructed and hear the gloves slapping against the pads as well as getting into the rhythm. It felt good!

WARM DOWN (Actually not) :

Our boxing training ended with intervals of speed boxing, power boxing, push ups, crunches and the grand finale of 2.5mins of plank… How is this a warm down?! But we survived! Our triceps and biceps were pretty much dead, our abs unknowingly worked out and our legs were tingling after the 60mins. Despite the toughness, it was great fun! Awesome intensity! Addictive!


Review by Lydia:

We were greeted by very warm and friendly people when we entered into Spartan Boxing Club. It’s a small but cosy space. The whole session was lively and intense at the same time. Our instructors were very friendly, experienced and professional. We got to learn REAL techniques in the boxing ring. I never knew boxing could be this tiring >< The challenge was the final interval round workout where it’s continuous boxing on the boxing bag and the abs workout. You will work out all the muscles in your body, especially the triceps and biceps, and you will leave the place not only feeling, but being fitter and refreshed.


Review by Durga:

The moment we entered the boxing club we got to hear some real fight sounds like boxing matches, as a first timer it was bit scary to go in, but the people inside gave us a warm greeting with all smiles on their face made us comfortable. It was an intense 60 mins session. We had an instructor just for 2 of us as we are beginners, and we could definitely feel the strong focus on safety in each of the instructed drills. We got to learn the technics with basic punches and defending moves with several attempts to make us feel PERFECT. The most challenging part of the training is trying to fight against the punching bag. The vibes around the room will make you feel like real boxing champion 🙂 End of the session you will feel all parts of your body has been toned up and feel so confident to continue more.



Are you feeling pumped up to try some boxing now? You can now sign up for a free boxing session at our All Set To Sweat event.

*due to the high intensity of each workout, each participant may only sign up for 1 session
*please note that if you would like to change your workout, it is subject to availability.

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