Decathlonians Review Decathlon #3


Introduction about yourself and your relationship with the sport

Hi! I am Meelen and I have been dancing Bhangra for almost 10 years! Currently, I have been training thrice a week.

How was the product tested?

I used them during trainings. Each training is 2 hrs long and it is usually very intense. I usually wear a MY TOP ($4.90 from Decathlon) under the top as it made me feel a little more secure.


Your Experience

I loved the freedom of movement I got from both the top and leggings! As Bhangra is very cardio intense, I tend to perspire a lot. However, I did not feel too warm in the leggings or top. The top is so airy and beautiful!



I loved my leggings and top! The colours are beautiful! I got so many compliments for them. Also, the top had some extra material at the bottom left to tie a beautiful knot. It added a feminine touch to the entire outfit. The leggings were breathable and yet not see-through! Moreover, they are rather stretchy and did not hinder me from my stretches and dance moves.

Performance: 10/10

Chio* Factor: 9/10 (I got so many compliments for the ombre effect on the leggings!)

Price: 10/10

*Chio: Singlish term to mean very pretty/beautiful.

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