Decathlonians Review Decathlon #1

Introduction about yourself and your relationship with the sport

Hello! My name is Darren and I work in the Mountain Department at the Bedok store. I picked up running as a hobby in NS as I found it therapeutic to be on the road or the trail. Always wanting to explore new territories, my feet take me everywhere I want to go! I’ve taken part in numerous half and full marathons as well as an occasional ultra-marathon.


How was the product tested?

I chose the Kiprun LD Men’s 2016 shoe to prepare for the sundown marathon. I tested the product over a month, I ran on different surfaces with them, mainly some rocky trails at Bedok Reservoir, as well as smooth asphalt along East Coast Park. I clocked an average of 30km per week for this pair, and ended up running the full sundown marathon with it.

Your Experience

Initially, I was quite apprehensive about wearing it for a full on run and using it as a regular trainer. Mainly because I’m a pure fan of another reputable brand and I have very weird feet. Only certain shoes fit me perfectly. However, upon taking these shoes out for a test run, the fit of the shoe was snug and I was able to get a good grip around the shoe. I was also very impressed at the return of power when the foot strikes the ground. This is amazing as I’m a mid foot striker, and I do feel the technology that was built into the shoe.

The K ring technology provides a good deal of cushioning and adds a bounce to your stride! Granted, they are not as cushiony or soft as other brands, but they get the job done. It took me about 2 weeks to fully break into these shoes, and it included high tempo and long slow distance runs.


If you’re looking for a shoe that’s light weight, provides adequate return on energy, and a bit of stability, this is a really good shoe to begin with. Priced at S$119, it’s very comparable with shoes of similar technology at a much higher price. However, I didn’t really like the construction of the forefoot as it is quite narrow. Also, due to the materials used, it feels very stiff at first. But it is nothing more mileage can’t cure!

Performance: 8/10
It outdid many other shoes of the same price range, and fulfills what it claims to do.

Chio* Factor: 9/10
I got the bright neon yellow one, it sure is a head turner as I speed down the road. Design is quite generic, but the colour is sweet. This model comes in navy blue, and highlighter yellow (maximum chio)!

Price: 10/10
S$119 for a marathon shoe that won’t get your feet in trouble, I’m all in because #worth

*Chio: Singlish term to mean very pretty/beautiful.

Follow Darren and his running adventures over at @darrentinylim 😉

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