Guide to Choosing the Right Running Shoes

When searching for the perfect pair of running shoes we are overwhelmed with a jungle of choice. Finding a suitable pair for your own personal needs can feel a bit daunting, and it can be hard to differentiate the different models from one another. This guide is aimed at cutting through the jungle of choice for you, so you’ll be guided to the correct running shoes.

All models come in a male and female version (subject to availability).

Beginners – I run for well-being

Ekiden One/One Plus

Ekiden One
Ekiden One STOCK

This is the perfect pair of entry-level sneaks for someone who’s just getting into running, and want to start out with a short run once a week to improve their overall health. The Ekiden One series is one of our most lightweight pairs of shoes, so you won’t feel weighed down when you’re running.

Distance: 1 – 5km
Frequency: Once a week
Price: $21.90 – $31.90

Shop Ekiden One here.
Shop Ekiden One Plus here.

Ekiden Active

Ekiden ActiveEkiden Active STOCK

This pair is for the casual, but still regular runner. You’ve stepped up your game and are now confidently running twice a week. To support your feet you can look for shoes that will offer good cushioning, and the Ekiden Active range is perfect for that. They’re equipped with Decathlon’s CS heel cushioning to absorb shock, and the result is a very comfortable feeling when you run.

Distance: 1 – 5km
Frequency: 1 – 2 times a week
Price: $45.90

Shop Ekiden Active here.

Intermediate – I run for my health


EliorunEliorun STOCK

This is for the people who are comfortable referring to themselves as a regular runner.

Your performance has slowly been improving and you’re now looking to take it one step further. The Eliorun series provide excellent protection, as they’re equipped with the K-Ring heel cushioning.  In 2016 they got a design upgrade, and are now available in a specked sole! (How chio (Singlish: extremely pretty) is this?!)

Distance: 5 – 10km
Frequency: 2 times a week
Price: $98.90

Shop Eliorun here.

Advanced – I run for performance

Kiprun SD

Kiprun SDKiprun SD STOCK

The Kiprun series are for experienced runners with high requirements from their running shoes. Kiprun SD is perfect for runners seeking high performance over a 10 – 15km distance. The sole is enhanced with Decathlon’s Up’Bar technology to improve your propulsion and speed (acceleration).

Distance: 10 – 15km
Stride: Neutral
Price: $99.90

Shop Kiprun SD here.

Kiprun LD

Kiprun LDKiprun LD STOCK

The Kiprun LD series is Decathlon’s top-of-the-range running shoes, designed for highly experienced runners. You are looking for a shoe that will support you in both training and competitions. The shoes are equipped with the K-Ring cushioning technology, K-Only and the ArkStab system for stability, reinforced heel for extra comfort and a midsole component for improved rebound. If you’re an experienced runner who’s looking for the ultimate cushioning, the Kiprun LD is the model for you.

Distance: Up to 42km (marathon)
Price: $119.90

Shop Kiprun LD here.

Trail – I run in nature

Ekiden Active Trail

Ekiden Active TrailEkiden Trail STOCK

The Ekiden Active Trail shoes comes with 3mm multi-directional lugs to give you a greater sense of control when you’re running trail. They are the perfect shoe for someone running on uneven terrain (grass, rock, rough concrete).

Frequency: 1 – 2 times a week
Terrain: Trail
Price: $55.90

Shop Ekiden Active Trail here.

Kiprun XT6

Kiprun XT6Kiprun XT6 STOCK

With 5mm multi-directional lugs the XT6 provides an uncompromising grip on an uneven surface. If you’re a frequent trail running, this top-of-the-range shoe will have you sorted. The lugs are spaced out to enhance your grip and prevent mud build-up, and the shoes’ cushioning comes from the K-Ring technology in the heel and In’Up in the forefoot.

Frequency: 1 – 2 times a week
Terrain: Trail
Price: $140.90

Shop Kiprun XT6 here.

That concludes our running shoes guide, and we hope you’re wiser as to which running shoes are the perfect fit for you!

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