Tips: How To Choose A Bicycle

If you’re looking to start cycling, getting your first bicycle can be daunting. The thought of having to deal with the technicalities which might be foreign to you and the preconceived idea that it might be a hefty investment, are certainly just a few contributors to procrastination.
Here are a few tips on how to pick out your first bicycle.



It could be getting your kid to learn how to ride a bike, an alternative mode of transport to work, a form of family activity or exercise, having an idea on what you want to use it for helps to get the ball rolling.

Bikes are generally grouped into 3 broad categories: Road bikes, City/Leisure bikes, Mountain bikes. While the name does suggest what the bikes are and/or can be used for, these broad categories are more inclined to define the shape and geometry of the frame,  For example, if you’re looking for a bike to get around town, to the shops or to work, start by looking at bikes in the Road and City/Leisure category but that’s not to say you shouldn’t consider a Mountain bike either. It all depends on how specific you want to go into detail.  Road and City/Leisure bikes are fitted with slimmer tyres compared to Mountain bikes. Slimmer tyres mean less tyre surface contact on the ground, which means less rolling resistance to overcome, which means greater efficiency. Those fat, knobby tyres which are usually fitted on Mountain bikes are meant for it’s intended use: To hit the trails which are usually paved with uneven surfaces. And again, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used for an easy tap along the park connectors. B’Twins’ RockRider 100 and 300 are favourites among those keen to just ride to the shops or an easy cruise with family and friends along their neighbourhood park connectors. Priced at $149.90 and $229.90 respectively, both options are easy on the pocket and as a Mountain bike, you won’t have to be too concerned about those narrow drain openings which are a nightmare for Road bike users.

Prioritising your considerations

Then comes a list of other factors to consider: budget, size, weight, space constraint, durability, aesthetics, after-service. The key is to prioritise. Take for example, if 8300175.jpgyou don’t have space in your residence to park a full-sized bike, or if you plan to take it up the trains and buses, foldies are the way to go. The Tilt is the perfect solution for city commuting. Its revolutionary 1-step folding system allows you to get on and off the bus, easily and quickly.

Visit this link for more information about our Tilt 700 Foldable Bike. (See Video 2 and 4)
It’s understandable that when it comes to all things mechanical, we seek reliable after-service. As a member with Decathlon, if you purchase a bike from us, we offer a complimentary full bike service, within a year. To give you peace of mind.
Did you know? We have a workshop in our flagship store where we service your bikes and do printing services. Find out more here.
We believe everyone should get a chance to have a go at all sports. That includes cycling. Don’t be overwhelmed when you walk into a bicycle showroom. Have an idea what you want it for and what your main considerations are. Don’t feel shy to ask questions. Mostly importantly, try out the bike! Nothing could be worst than riding a bike you don’t feel comfortable on.
Now go out there and enjoy the ride!
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