7 Reasons Why You Should Work For Decathlon

Since the average person spends an average of 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, why do we still bother with jobs that make us so unhappy and vexed? Recently we celebrated with a very special team mate in our office, who spent 35 years of his life working at Decathlon, and that got us thinking – why would someone love working in Decathlon THIS much?

1. We believe in work hard, play hard.

This mantra has never been closer to the truth here at Decathlon. We are allowed to take time off work to practise sports, and not just at lunch. Whether you want to run, cycle or do yoga, we encourage you to spend time exercising and enjoying the sport(s) that you like.

2. We don’t leave you alone in your sports practice.

Every week we have at least 2 sessions of sports that are free for all to join. On Wednesdays, we exchange shuttles at the badminton courts. Fridays are days for letting down our hair (but not our guard) on the basketball courts. For all other days, we run together as and when we feel like it!

3. We take innovation very seriously.

If you haven’t already heard, our slogan is “Innovation lovers, for the happiness of sports people”. To encourage and celebrate innovation at the very heart of our products, the Innovation Awards is held every year in Lille, France. All passion brands would conceptualise and create an innovative product for their sport practice and the 3 most well-loved products would be voted by onsite audience and through the online voting system. To have a good idea of how crazy we are, please enjoy the replay of the Innovation Awards 2015 here:

4. We have no HR department.

We often get calls asking to be redirected to the Human Resource (HR) department and we always answer unapologetically, “we have none”. Decathlon prides itself in having each manager directly hiring his/her own team members. This really means that your welfare is directly managed by your boss and it doesn’t get more personal than that. There is no other way we would have it.

5. Internal promotion is our priority.

This means that each manager trains and plans for his/her own successor. Internal promotion is high on our priority list. As much as possible, we want to benefit our team members first. Blood runs thicker than water, and in Decathlon, you’re family.

6. We share the company with you, quite literally.

Probably one of the few companies in the world that is family-owned and has a shareholding system with its employees. And no, you don’t have to work in the company for 10 years before you are entitled to buy into the company’s shares. From day 1, our employees are given the option of owning part of the company. It still blows our minds.

7. Our CEO’s job title says “Happiness Manager”

[GCR] Final Report - sharon.leong@decathlon.com - Decathlon Mail Google Chrome, Today at 2.46.26 PM.jpg

We’re not kidding, that is exactly what it says. Says a lot about what our CEO really wants for the team. We can’t emphasise more about the culture of our company.

What are you looking for in a job? Join us not for a job, but for a life change. Check out our available positions today!

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