Go Shopping With Your Bike!

Cycling is a practical, healthy and environmentally-friendly means of transport. It’s also a shrewd way of getting to the shops without worrying about parking your car or getting stuck in traffic jams. But it isn’t always obvious how you can juggle your shopping bags while balancing on two wheelsAnd hanging bags from your handlebars is a safety no-no. Check out our practical solutions for going shopping by bike!

Trolley transport courses à vélo


If you plan on doing all of your shopping by bike, you’re going to be transporting a lot of weight regularly. Don’t be afraid to pick up everything you need from the supermarket (even those milk cartons, juice bottles, etc.) or to stock up on all of your fresh products at the market !

A trolley is the most practical solution for easily transporting up to 25 kg. You use it like a trailer: this means that you won’t be thrown off balance or struggle to steer your bike. Unfortunately we not have this trolley model in Singapore, but we do stock the trailer version – good for both groceries and/or children!


Thanks to its B’CLIP fastening system, it is quickly and easily attached to your pannier rack, as well as being extremely stable. And once you’ve detached it, you can pull it around by hand! With a trolley, you can transport your purchases straight from the supermarket shelves to your kitchen without loading and unloading everything into bags.

Please note: when you use a trolley or trailer, remember to adjust your riding accordingly. Watch out for pavements, potholes and pedestrians..

sacoches porte bagages pratiquesPANNIER BAGS : A PRACTICAL OPTION FOR TOWN

Originally designed for cyclotourism and day trips, pannier bags are also great for everyday use in and around town! These practical carriers let you transport between 2 x 9 litres and 2 x 20 litres depending on the model.

This type of bag keeps you well-balanced, whatever weight you are transporting, because it is positioned relatively low down on the bike. Maintain this balance by remembering to distribute the load evenly between the right and left bag !

Pannier bags are your ally for casual rides too, without you even realising you’re carrying any extra weight. How about a family picnic ?

panier vélo clipsable


Bike baskets and handlebar bags are designed for transporting personal belongings or smaller loads on your handlebar. As a handy choice for topping up your shopping or giving your back a rest from your backpack, baskets are perfect for nipping out to the corner shop!

Handlebar bags hold very small loads, from 2.5 to 3.5 litres.

Baskets on the other hand hold 12 litres and up to 5 kg. The advantage of baskets? They’re removable! You clip them on to the handlebar nut, and carry them around with you using the handle.

Check out our range of baskets and handlebar bags today!


Combine your shopping trips with bike rides to turn chores into fun! Use it as an excuse to go for a bike ride around the local area with your kids.

If they aren’t old enough to ride with their own kids’ bike, set your bike up with a baby seat fixed onto the pannier rack, or a child trailer. But with the extra weight of both shopping and children, avoid any uphills in order to spare your legs !

There are a thousand and one ways of comfortably doing your shopping by bike! If you’re kitted out correctly with the right accessories, cycling will always be the fun choice.

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