B’Twin Gel Saddle Cover: Maximum Comfort

How can you feel nice and comfortable while cycling without having to change your bike’s saddle? Kit yourself out with an ergonomic and adjustable gel bike saddle that will fit your MTB, road bike, hybrid bike or exercise bike.


Not everyone has the same body shape and people are sensitive in different areas. This is why certain saddles may seem slightly less comfortable. But don’t let this put you off!

Our gel saddle cover has been tested by our ergonomics engineers and designed to make sitting on your bike more comfortable by using anatomical gel inserts to absorb vibrations. Made from lycra and polyester, and with a gel and foam seat, this bike saddle cover will remind you just how much you love cycling!

Versatile, Light Weight and Easy-to-Fit Saddle Cover

The handy strap makes this saddle cover very easy to fit. It means that you can adjust the saddle cover to fit all types of saddle, from the narrowest to the widest. Warning: make sure your saddle cover is securely fixed to your saddle to prevent it from slipping to one side.

The saddle cover is available in four sizes. Sizes S, M and L will all fit narrow saddles. These saddle covers are mainly for mountain bikes and road bikes. To choose between these three sizes, measure your current saddle and choose a saddle cover of the same shape and size. The Ergo Gel XL saddle cover on the other hand fits wide and extra-wide saddles, that is, hybrid bikes, the Elops models and exercise bikes.

The gel saddle cover weighs around 260 g. You can therefore make sitting more comfortable without increasing your bike’s weight.

Personalise your saddle cover

B’TWIN has chosen to make its gel saddle covers available in a range of colours: black, red or blue. There are also various different printed designs (illustrations, flower motifs, Union Jack, etc.). Discover the entire range of saddle covers to personalise your bike.

The gel saddle cover is machine-washable, so give it a bit of a spruce every now and then! If you will be leaving your bike outside for a long time, we also recommend taking the saddle cover off in order to keep it as good as new.

The B’TWIN gel saddle cover is a viable alternative that guarantees complete comfort when you go cycling! So why do without?

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