Tips and Tricks For Your Golf Balls

Please find our tips to get the best out of your game thanks to your ball…

1. And if you distinguish your ball from that of your playing partner?

The discipline of golf requires the golfer to play with his own ball throughout the whole round on the course.

To be able to spot it, and therefore preventing any another golfer playing your ball, each player should put an identification mark on it: his initials, a star, a diamond…

If two balls of two players are in the same place and the players are unable to identify, which is theirs, they are considered to be lost balls…

And because you are not allowed to clean your ball when playing a hole, unless it falls in the water, the marking must last as long as is necessary!

2. It is easy to aim straight for the hole!

Draw a line with a felt pen and place in the direction of the hole on the green. You’ll be able to aim better.

3. Control your ball flight

Clean your ball after each hole with a damp towel, because you are not allowed to do it in play. The cleaner the dimples are, you’ll get better control and ball flight.

At the end of your round, soap and water are sufficient to make like new and be able to use for longer. We recommend you store your balls in a dry place.

4. Put a stop to lost balls!

Add some colour and vibrancy to your game! If you are playing alone or to get greater visibility, yellow, blue, orange and pink balls will make it easier to find them.

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