School Holidays Ideas – Give YGolf A Go!

Thinking of how to spend the upcoming school holidays with your kids? Here’s a great idea for you, from our Inesis team in France! (edited and adapted from

Y Golf, give it a go - Inesis

How can you make playing golf simpler? We’ve found the answer! Ygolf is simpler and off the wall, there are no restrictions, use your own rules, and get enjoyment out of playing!

Would you like to find our more? We interview the product manager Vincent in charge of this great project:

What is Ygolf?

Ygolf is a game Inesis invented that derived from golf. It is played with clubs that are suitable for right and left handers, foam balls and a target.

Ygolf in three words: anytime, anywhere, anyone.

Anytime: from morning to evening, from evening to morning, as long as you want, your own playing rules!

Anywhere: you can play Ygolf anywhere you want!

Anyone: for all players whatever their age and there is no limit to the number of players.

Available online at and at our Bedok Flagship Store

Why Ygolf is a must for having fun this holidays?

It’s a game that’s accessible to everyone: both children and adults can play together and spend a lively and heart-warming moment. On top of being a family activity, Ygolf is very easy to transport, the opportunity to have fun together whilst doing a bit a sport in unusual places.

Don’t forget golf is a sport that’s very good for your health. If you want to find our more, why not read this article:Article 5 benefits for body and mind.

And what if you give it a go? Go on have fun this summer with family or friends!

In what way is Ygolf a surprising and an unusual game?

Ygolf is surprising because it disrupts the game of golf! Ygolf also has a very fun side to it, because the golf coaches at the Inesis Golf Park* (the brand’s design centre) use it with the pupils for introductory golf course.

I’ll suggest a few ideas for games below:

1 . Petanque

Each player takes a club and a number of balls (3 for example). A player throws a jack, which can be the target, another ball or whatever small object. Each player tries to get as close as possible to the jack with each ball!

2. The lowest amount of strokes over a long distance

Define where the start and finish lines are, with the aim of hitting the least possible number of strokes to reach the finishing line.

3. Noughts and crosses

Draw a noughts and crosses table with chalk or in the sand. Players take it in turns to play. The first who manages to fill in a row/column/diagonal with his ball wins.

4. Hopscotch

Draw a hopscotch table with chalk or in the sand. Each player plays in turn and hits the ball in the right square to move forward. The one that reaches the sky, wins!


Try it with your kids this March holidays and tell us all about your experience! #DecathlonSG


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