How To Fight Cellulite

At a loss on how to fight cellulite appearing on your thighs, bum or tummy? Read on to discover an effective method to help you feel better in your skin.



Cellulite is so common in women (nearly 9 out of 10) that doctors consider it a perfectly normal physiological phenomenon. As the skin stretches, it takes on a dimpled appearance. Cellulite is caused from changes in the structure of adipose tissue (i.e., fat reserves) located under the skin. These “unsightly” bumps are often located on the buttocks and back of the thighs. The degree of cellulite varies among individuals and depends on numerous factors, including heredity, sedentary lifestyle, poor circulation, poor nutrition and being overweight.


How to fight cellulite

While there is no magic solution to get rid of cellulite, a few simple things can help you reduce its appearance. Here are our best tips:



It’s no secret: sport is essential if you want to prevent cellulite. Regular physical activity – at least 30 minutes a day – will help you live a healthier, balanced lifestyle. We recommend choosing an endurance sport to push your body to draw from its energy reserves and eliminate fat cells. To stimulate circulation in your legs, try an exercise bike or spinning classes, fast walking on a treadmill (at an incline) or a stepper.



Water is a formidable weapon in the war against cellulite. Why? Because it helps the body eliminate toxins, flush out tissues and fight water retention. You should aim to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day. To change things up, try green tea, a diuretic and slimming beverage that’s perfect for preventing fat absorption and burns calories.



First and foremost, you should avoid yo-yo dieting! Limit or completely eliminate processed sugar, pre-prepared meals and co-called “light” products to stabilise your weight and limit the appearance of cellulite. Instead, opt for fresh, seasonal products that are full of vitamins and minerals. Fruit (oranges, apples, berries, etc.), fresh vegetables (celery, courgettes, carrots, broccoli, etc.), beans and lentils (e.g.: beans, lentils, split peas) should also be part of your new food regimen. Vary your choices as much as possible to get the most out of them and balance your nutritional needs. You should also eat complete proteins, such as meat (turkey, chicken), fish, seafood and eggs.



To fight cellulite, you can apply slimming creams to boost the effects of a balanced diet and regular sport. These creams will help to eliminate toxins and activate blood and lymphatic circulation. To apply them, massage the areas with cellulite at least three times a week, starting from your feet and working up your legs towards your waist.



Weak veins can cause cellulite to form. What can you do to rectify it? Do sport, don’t wear tight clothing, limit sun exposure and don’t take overly hot baths or showers. There’s one last thing you can do: finish every shower with a blast of cold water on problem areas. It’s not easy, but it works!


The Best Fitness Accessories to Fight Cellulite


64809 ST190 (1).JPGA stepper is a powerhouse against cellulite! Its targeted action works the legs and bum. In addition to helping you improve your endurance and lose weight, this complete movement firms and tones your figure. How does it work? You stand on small steps and simulate the action of walking up stairs. It’s small and doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it perfect for getting fit at home.

Our slimming tip: to best fight fat and get rid of cellulite, we suggest using your stepper 22 minutes a day.

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Skipping rope is very effective against cellulite. Why is it so great? Skipping rope boosts your endurance and cardio strength, burns calories, tones your entire figure, improves balance and coordination, and corrects your posture.


Our slimming tip: try to skip rope three times a week, doing three cycles of 2 minutes each. Give yourself 10 seconds recovery time between each cycle. When you feel comfortable with it, maximise your results by adding ankle weights such as Gym Weight.

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Now you’ve got a few more weapons to add to your arsenal for combating cellulite. To prevent it, remember three things: sport + nutrition + hydration. Take it away!

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